Yeah mon's "RASTA MELLOW" !!

Reggae, Jazz, Tropical, Carribean

Producer Tommy Mac MASHENE keeps it comin’ with “Rasta Mellow” inspired by his friends and fans in Costa Rica and Jamaica too mon!  Released March 29th, 2017

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Rasta Mellow

reggae, tropical, jazz, carribean

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STAND CLEAR  new re-mix

released 03-24-17

Metal Music by MASHNE: Tommy Mac Las Vegas
Metal Music by MASHENE

STAND CLEAR guys..this hottie has just walked in the door


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tommy mac mashene, las vegas, blues, producer

Blues Brothers Love "Road Kill 66" by MASHENE

blues brothers, chicago blues, MASHENE, tommymac las vegas, fatback drums
Blues Brothers dance to "Road Kill 66" by MASHENE

Some loves are meant to last, some are meant to cross our path…from “Road Kill 66
by MASHENE,  Tommy Mac Producer – Las Vegas  Released Feb 27th, 2017

EDM Tommy Mac MASHENE: Red Line 2 Wrigley dedicated to 2016 World Champs: Chicago Cubs
  1. Rasta Mellow MASHENE 3:48
  2. Stand Clear MASHENE 3:02
  3. Road Kill 66 MASHENE 4:28
  4. Red Line 2 Wrigley MASHENE 3:18
  5. Daft Punk Is Playing At My House LDC Sound Systm
  6. The Machines Are Taking Over Mark Knight 8:19
  7. Goodies (ZC's Dolce Mix) DJ Dolce
  8. Want 2/Need 2 (Trentemoller Remix)
  9. Booshie Bon Voyage.
  10. Blue Days (Dias Azuis) Lee Riteneaur 5:14
  11. Joy Duke Dumont Re-Mix 5:20