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  • Sync Music Licensing info at the Highest Professional Level
  • A-Lister Original Music Compositions - Offering Companies Split-Publishing, Royalty Sharing, direct industry contacts.

Q: What does a "Pit Pass" do, and who is it for?

A: Join our community of "Pit Pass" newsletter subscribers, and gain exclusive access to all of our new music releases, set to video in demo form up for bid and password protected.

Q: How do I recieve the pass codes?

A: Pass codes are sent to your e-mail inbox upon a new release. Review, post a comment, or request an invitation for details on how to obtain your sync license, split-publishing , and royalties.

Q: Is this service Free?

A: Yes, no obligations, un-subscribe anytime.

July 28, 2022
6:49pm TZ

Q: Who Is This for?

A: Mashene Music is for anyone who works with music and media. Supervisors, artists, publishers, labels, promos, studios and production companies, we've got you covered.

Q: Where are these new releases posted?

A: On - Details are in your "Pit Pass" FREE Newsletter.

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